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Transcend — A Peace and Development Network

This organization works internationally for peace and development throughout the world. This is what they write: “To work for peace is to build sukha, liberation, well-ness in a world with peace with nature, between genders, generations and races, where the excluded are included but not by force, and where classes, nations and states serve neither direct nor structural violence. In such a world they would all pull together for better livelihood for all.” It is a vision well worth spending time with.


DIA·logos promotes the spirit and practice of dialogue for strategic use at all levels of leadership within and across organizations. They work with client organizations to meet their business objectives by transforming taken-for-granted limits in ways of thinking and acting. Excellence in research continues to fuel, and be fueled by, their work.

Bert Hellinger:

Bert Hellinger’s work with family constellations has great implications for all involved in conflict resolution. You will find his web site, books and tapes stimulating and exciting. What especially appeals to us is how very, very clean Hellinger is: how rigorous in his insistence on sticking with observation rather than interpreting or theorizing. This is an extraordinary example of what it means to be a Reflective Practitioner. Note that there is a conference coming up April 30 to May 5 that, among other things, is looking at the meaning of constellation work for conflict resolution.