Calendar and Activities

1. March 20 and 21 – Vancouver, B.C.
Core Practices for Advanced Work: Tuning the Instrument of Self

This program increases your effectiveness by giving you greater access to your inner resources. More Info

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2. December 2, 3 & 4, 2004, Banff, Alberta

Who is thinking about next December now? Well – we are. And you will be glad you did. There are myriad ways of weaving family and systems constellation wisdom into conflict resolution work. By attending Passion & Responsibility in Conflict Resolution, you will be begining to develop a whole new category for your tool kit. It promises a grand mountain holiday with educational benefits, in the tender embrace of the Rockies. Most sizeable airports have non-stop flights to Calgary/Banff International.

Passion and Responsibility in Conflict Resolution – an immersion in systems constellation work with Francesca Boring, enrolled in the Shoshone Nation, author of Feather Medicine: Walking in Shoshone Dreamtime: A Family System Constellation (2004) and Barbara Ashley Phillips.

Reserve now. Founder’s cost (before March 30) $400. Explorer’s cost (before June 30) $450. Early Bird cost (before Sept. 30) $500. Hurry Bird cost (before Nov. 10) $550. Late registration cost $600. More Info

Presently Available – Coaching with Barbara Ashley Phillips. More info

Conflict coaching: Put exceptional experience in your corner as you handle difficult clients and situations;

Life coaching: You don’t have to handle transitions in life, whether personal or professional, alone; More info

Business coaching: The cheapest and easiest way to recharge your approach to your business and your career. More info